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Morning Light

Morning Light
a collection of 121 inspirational poems
by Jean Kay
can be ordered

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If you would like to have a poem created just for you,
or for a special person, a birthday, wedding, anniversary,
memorial or other special occasion,
please send me an email and I will create one for you. Email
Cost is only $40.00 for a very special, unique gift.


I write a poem each morning,
in the early light of day.
I never know, until I start,
what my soul is going to say.

I always start by creating
a three-colour artistic expression.
It's interesting to see what appears
as I have never taken a lesson.

Sometimes it's quite a good picture,
but most times just an abstract,
it jumpstarts my creativity
with a strong, yet gentle, impact.

Next I pick up my favorite pen
and allow it to start to write.
Words form almost miraculously
in the early morning light.

What a gift I have been given,
a gift I am meant to share
by creating poems to be read
by readers everywhere.

The Internet spreads them quickly
to people both near and far.
My hope is - it will inspire them,
though I don't know yet who they are.

If you'd like a poem created
for a special person or event,
my minimum charge is forty dollars,
I guarantee you will feel it well spent.

Just send me some information
of thoughts you would like to share
and I will weave them together
with tender loving care.

My book of inspirational poetry
Is entitled "Morning Light"
It can be ordered here
At my publisher's website.

Jean Kay

I am a professional member of Canadian Authors Association
I am also a member of the Canadian Poetry Association
and the Ontario Poetry Association

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